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Otherwise known as advanced analytics, big data is the biggest trend sweeping industries, partly because the total base of digital data across the world is doubling every 20 months. With this kind of growth it would be wise for companies to investigate implementing a Big Data strategy.


Another key trend with 70% of all companies worldwide now using social media and technologies. The social industry is currently sized at $1 trillion, with 1.5 billion social network users. Social technology is now directly influencing an amazing $940 billion of sales consumption worldwide.


Cloud is expected to drive $500-700 billion in global productivity by 2025. Public and private clouds will coexist and orchestration between clouds will be an essential service.


It is important for all companies to consider, evaluate and bond with their customer base. Cities will be the dominant force in world commerce with around 600 cities expected to drive two thirds of global GDP due to their very dense infrastructure and commerce capabilities.


A growth trend across consumer categories, is where services and products are moving from a pay to free options. For example voice or SMS. The consideration for companies then is introducing free services or elements of services for free, while looking to monetise in other areas.


According to Fujitsu, business models that integrate physical and digital elements are driving innovation. A good example of this is Google glasses or other location based services being delivered via your smartphone. There’s much more to come in this space as the smartphone reaches the limits of innovation.


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