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  3. Promotional (Print)
  4. Visual Brand System
Interloc delivers sophisticated and secure storage solutions from the forefront of locker design and manufacturing. Boasting over 50 years in the manufacturing industry, the Interloc team excels in providing quality storage facilities for commercial, hospitality, recreation, and a range of other environments.

Since 2010 our team have helped refine the Interloc corporate identity, extended the visual system and delivered a range of print and online promotional material. Tasked with a contemporary range of brand communications, Interloc is forging forward with confidence.



 Product Images
Interloc commissioned professional photographers to produce a range of high-quality photographs which demonstrate the sophisticated locker solutions.

Online Campaign
A range of targeted online communications were developed to raise awareness of the latest technology offerings.

Sustainability Report
Demonstrating a strong sense of corporate and stakeholder responsibility Interloc commissioned our team to produce a Sustainability Report .

Product Brochure 
A high-quality, offset printed, 24 page product brochure was produced that showcases Interloc’s extensive experience and sophisticated locker and locking solutions.

Product Brochures
To respond to the evolving technology and changes to locking solutions, we developed a modern visual system to be applied to any new communication material.

Images © Copyright Interloc.

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