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Created in 2013

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  1. Content Management System (CMS)
  2. Website Design
  3. Website Development
Once perceived as a simple means to cover walls and floors, tiles are now an innovative and exceedingly high-tech product. State-of-the-art technology has enabled more creative and extensive use of ceramic tiles in an economical way. Akin to the Italian fashion and prestige vehicle industries, Signorino strive to set the benchmark in both design and quality.

Managing Director, John Signorino has lived and breathed the tile and natural stone industry for over 40 years. Since opening the tile gallery 15 years ago, Signorino Tile Gallery maintains a position at the industry’s forefront. Among his celebrated list of achievements, included are some of Australia’s illustrious homes and prominent Melbourne landmarks.


With an impressive range of beautiful, high-quality tiles a new gallery-based website was created for Signorino Tile Gallery with a backend CMS to allow internal staff responsive changes to emerging products. Photos courtesy of Signorino.

User Interface

A modern, simple styling and intuitive interface was created to showcase the high-quality range of tiles.

An impressive collection of classic, contemporary, timeless and modern tile photography were placed centre stage, framed by a robust database and custom CMS.

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